“Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises.”
Psalm 47:6


If you love to sing or play an instrument and have a passion for worship, we would love to have you join our worship team.  As a multi-generational family church we worship the Lord in several ways and age is no limitation.  Young and old come together to serve the Lord in various ways.

Worship Band

Sunday mornings are normally led by our worship band.  If you are young then the world “band” may excite you.  If you are a little older you may not be as comfortable with the word “band” in church.  However, our worship team does a great job of incorporating the traditional hymns with some more contemporary praise songs to bring together a worship experience that honors the Lord and ministers to individuals of every age and music background.

We are always in need of more individuals to join our worship team.  Below are the three most common ways to join the worship band.

  • Praise singers
  • Soloist
  • Musicians

Drama Team

Every day of our lives we watch drama unfold before our lives.  Unfortunately much of the drama we see in this world does not glorify God.  Our Drama team takes the events of the Bible and brings them to life on stage for the purpose of glorifying Christ.  If you have ever wanted to act, the drama team has a place for you.

Audio Visual Team

Do you like being behind the scenes making sure everything comes off just right?  Our Audio Visual team does just that.  The best song or sermon can be disrupted if the audio visual is not working properly.  Not only does our A/V team enhance our worship experience, they often are the first impression a person has of our church through our media presence.

We offer training for many of the A/V positions.  We just need volunteers to serve.

  • Sound Board
  • Video and PowerPoint
  • Lighting
  • Microphones and Cabling
  • Web Design and Updates